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Diving Board About to Leap

The Ten Foot Leap

The other day my eight-year-old son told me, “My goal this summer is to jump off the high dive at Nozomi Pool” (our neighborhood aquatic center).

Talk about Definiteness of Purpose! Specific, action-oriented, time-limited, and achievable with effort, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

A literal leap of faith.

He’s been up on the board before – many times, actually – and succumbed to his fears. The lifeguards have had to blow their whistles, stop the kids on the other diving boards, and help him back down the ladder (pool policy), which would be so embarrassing to me that I’d rather hide than try again. But not my son.

Some days he tries and fails seven or eight times in the few hours we’re at the pool.

But something in him is tuned to the philosophy of success. Learning from Adversity and Defeat just comes to him naturally. “Every time I go up might be the time I make the jump,” he said one afternoon. “I just have to keep trying.”

Yep, I’m really proud of my little guy.

So what’s the high dive in your life right now?

And what’s the worst that could happen if you close your eyes, pinch your nose, and take that one step off the end of the board?

More importantly, what’s the best that could happen?

My Own Limiting Fears and Doubts

I often have to fight off the twin ogres, Fear of Failure and Fear of Success, in order to take action on ideas. It’s much easier to intellectualize and project the possible outcomes – but it’s no risk and no reward.

So last week I finally took my own plunge into the pool and created an affiliate program for the 17 Principles Poster. Maybe it flops, and I’ve spent a dozen hours for no profit. Or maybe it succeeds and I end up shipping lots of posters from my garage in record-breaking Phoenix heat. (A whole different take on “no pain, no gain,” but I digress.)

Either way, I’ve overcome a self-limiting belief and put the idea into action, and that’s a success in itself.

How to Get Involved

First of all, joining the program is completely free, and the reward is a 25 percent commission on orders coming from your recommendation, i.e., a link you post on your website, social media, or email. You don’t have to do anything but spread the word, I handle all the sales processing and shipping.

To get started, go to this link and click the SIGN UP button:


Once you’ve registered, I’ll approve your account manually (to avoid weird spam sign-ups) and you’ll have access to the text links, image banners, etc., that you can copy and paste to promote the poster.

Commissions are calculated on the order value of products only – tax and shipping are excluded. Here are a few examples:

17 Principles Poster, Original Size = $19.97 x 25% = $4.99 commission

17 Principles Poster, Compact Edition = $14.97 x 25% = $3.74 commission

Combo Offer, Includes Original and Compact = $29.97 x 25% = $7.49 commission

Commissions are paid to you on the 5th and 20th of the month, via PayPal, once you have at least $10.00 accrued commissions. (Your account always rolls over until the $10.00 minimum is met.)

Fun Money or a Little More?

Obviously the potential to get rich quick is really small, but consider 10 orders would be enough for a dinner out (or pizza delivered in), and 100 orders could add up to a nice weekend or a stay-cation.

No pressure, no commitment. Just tossing out the opportunity for you in case you’re interested in a little extra income.

Hope your summer is going great. Stay cool, and good luck with your own 10-foot leap!


Chris Lake


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